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a resolution

Design is not “making something pretty”, as many describe it. My job is to communicate clearly – an idea, an action, whatever – by forming basic elements into a cohesive whole. Form and function are one in the same; one does not supersede the other. If you want a pretty image, go hire an artist. I may be one of those, as well, but I will never paint you a pretty picture and call it design.

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Time Travel


  • rearranged the furniture in my home last week and have spent the past 30 minutes discovering what a perfect dance floor it’s become. 14 hours ago
  • proposal writing + Disclosure 15 hours ago
  • I am thankful to be alive. In this regard I feel extremely fortunate, as there are those who don't even have that. 1 day ago
  • "...Systemic racism permeates nearly every institution and community in this country." qz.com/250701/12-thin… 1 day ago
  • RT @ChrissyCole: Are we writing this down? Combing through transcript, Wilson described Brown as intimidating, Hulk Hogan, “it,” and a demo… 1 day ago



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