lost and safe

Freedom Riders

I’ve been taking pictures faster than I can process and upload them.  There are about 3 gigabytes worth of photos siting on the camera’s memory card, waiting to make the jump onto my computer’s hard disk drive.  Below are a few of my favourites from the latest batch.


583 Auburn Avenue[2]


festival of birth

a hill of beans

espresso love


gone forever

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Time Travel


  • @squire225 I’d be happy to try it out. 6 hours ago
  • Watching Scandal helps me practice my speed-listening skills. 6 hours ago
  • Prolly not gonna buy Drafts 4 but that's more b/c the original is still pretty great. I especially love the dark theme on my black iPhone 5. 21 hours ago
  • @aprilzero I love this analogy. You are a biological computer, after all. 1 day ago
  • I relish the dark as much as I embrace the light. Without one, the other cannot exist. 2 days ago



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