lost and safe

Life as metaphor. Acting as reality.

I’m tired.  Very tired.

I am finding it more difficult than I imagined to learn and perform several different roles at once.  Even more difficult is performing as I learn, which involves a bit of both improv and learned performance. (Note to self: there’s something else here, so reexamine this idea later).  Doubly (or perhaps triply or tetra-ly) difficult is learning and performing these new roles while simultaneously performing a role I’ve come to know (and in some ways despise) very well.  I can only liken it to a one man show where the performer (me as Me) is all of the characters  all of the time, all at once.  And let us not forget that he is also adapting and modifying these characters as he goes along.

I must admit, it is very tiring, and I can’t help but doubt that I can continue putting on this one man show for much longer.  I’m ready to put at least one of these characters to rest for sure.  The other two are somewhat intriguing (one moreso than the other), and I’d like to develop them further.

I should be writing down who these characters are, their qualities and so forth.  Doing this will allow me further freedom in modifying them, while at the same time being reminded of, and understanding who they are at their core.  It’ll have to wait until tomorrow.  As I said, I’m tired.

At least I’ll be able to sleep (or dream) on it.

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