lost and safe

A bittersweet day

As of today, I have finally completed all twelve sessions of chemotherapy.  It is the end of being stuck by giant needles, the end of chemicals being pumped through my body, the end of orange urine.  As happy as all of this makes me, as comforted as I am to no longer have to deal with these slight intrusions upon my life (all of which remind me that I am sick, that my body is trying to destroy itself, and that I do in fact have cancer), I am slightly sadened at what else this day means.

No more free cable.  No napping the day away.  No more enjoyable and honest conversations with nurses.  I’m truely goning to miss those wonderful women.  Every day that I went in there I felt as if my weary spirit were being held up by their kind faces and simple words.  I will miss them.

I can’t wait until my stomach is stable enough to handle a beer.  Mmmm…it’s getting to be the perfect time of year for a good wheat beer.  Warm and fuzzy from the inside out.

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