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I Found Your Dirty Little Secret.

Neglected to mention that I went to see my doctor yesterday.  Well, she’s not really my doctor per se, but I tend to think of her that way, as she has been taking care of me from diagnosis ’till now, and will continue to do so right down through radiation therapy.  In any case, I saw her yesterday and learned the results of the CT and PET scans I had done the previous Monday.

And guess what? No cancer!

Yup.  There are no longer any living cancer cells in my body.  The mediastinal mass (fancy words for “tumor in my chest”) is now scar tissue.  Apparently, my chemotherapy treatment was a success.  Thankfully I had the help and support of family and those I love dearly.  And of course I can’t forget my new found love of cross-country biking.  Due to my bike, my physical recovery time was cut in half, and has accelerated me towards my goals of a healthier body, mind and spirit.

So at this point, the radiation therapy will basically be playing the less glamorous role of clean-up wench, making sure that all living cancer cells are killed dead.  For four more weeks my body  will be subjected to mistreatment and bombardment by radioactives.  Better safe than sorry, right?

In other news…

…some one “close” has unintentionally (I believe) revealed more of themselves (meaning their nature) to me than originally intended.  It’s kind of like when you’re searching for something you’ve lost, and you’re turning over rocks that you’ve never bothered to look under before.  Just searching searching and bam! instead of finding what you were looking for, you find a very private…uh, thing, I guess?…that belongs to someone with whom you have a very intimate relationship.  Okay, now here’s the funny part: the more you examine this thing, the more you find that it IS what you were searching so intently for!

So then what do you do?  Do you alert them to your discovery of a part of themselves that they kept hidden from you?

Or do you just enjoy the good fortune of gaining a new context to view this person in?

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  1. Burning Spear says:

    Just enjoy it. Usually, our behavior is to show whatever part of ourselves we think that person will find most attractive. Sometimes it’s best to not reveal yourself completely; to reserve a certain part of yourself for a very private realm. Let this new insight give you a more fully realized portrait of them.

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