lost and safe

Blow Me.

Will someone please tell me how it is that I continue to pick the windiest days as my training days?  I had the pleasure of a fairly constant 10 – 15 mile per hour breeze blowing in my face on Saturday.  Today was no different; in fact it was worse.  Billowing gusts up to 25 miles per hour threatened to topple me every so often.  At one point I felt as if I was riding on a stationary bike, as the wind was blowing into me at nearly the same speed that I was moving.  Ridiculous.  At least it was sunny.

In any case

…today ended up being a great day for getting things done, reconnecting with old friends, and creating/strengthening alliances.  Had some more coffee with April.  Sippin’ on our deliciously hot treats, we took a leisurely stroll down Edgewood Avenue (one of the few remaining historic black districts that is gentrifying without being emptied of either its soul or original population), all the while taking note of new businesses and renovated storefronts.  We stopped in a few, and I snapped a few quick pics in one exceptionally designed space.  We continued our previous conversation on community development and sustainability, and started developing our idea for a neighborhood “garden market” or co-op.

It seems like in every instance that we are together, my decision to move back to Atlanta is reaffirmed.  And it’s not just her.  I later went to visit a client for whom I created a visual identity, product packaging, and several illustrations (and who eventually became one of my closest supporters/allies/friends).  After catching up over yet more coffee (So I like coffee; big deal), I outlined the ideas which April and I had been tossing about, and thus our public arts project (Art on the Streets) was officially resuscitated.

Any fear that may have resided within me, any reservations which would have caused me to restrain my ambitions, are quickly evaporating.  Now, if I just keep building upon the momentum I’ve been gaining and begin planting seeds, some of my ideas just may bear fruit.

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