lost and safe

La Sirène.

So it almost happened today.  Yup.  Sure did. It shook my hand and gave me a hug.  It looked upon me softly and said kind words.  It hugged me again, lightly kissed my cheek, and walked away.  Still not sure what it was, but it moved like Her, sounded like Her.

[4.24pm] After being battered by the wind, I eventually arrive at the designated meeting spot: a somewhat popular café on the west side of Midtown.  Bike locked, I head inside and make straight for the restroom so that I can gather myself and regain a good deal of my composure; the coffee will take care of the rest.

[4.30pm] I approach the ordering station, make a half-hearted attempt to not look completely dazed and stoned (marijuana + cycling = fun times), and order some coffee.  Wait a few minutes for a fresh batch of coffee to be brewed (I’m not that much of a snob, the well just happened to dry up when I ordered).

[4.33pm] Return to seat with searing hot coffee (splash of cream, pinch of sugar).  Pretend to be writing down important stuff in my planner.  Sip coffee.  Wait for Natasha.  Sip more coffee.  Wait some more.

[4.49pm] After finishing most of my mug and waiting twelve minutes more, I convince myself that she isn’t coming, stuff everything back into my bag, and  head out the door.

[4.50pm] While unlocking my bike, a cheerful voice from behind: “Don’t leave yet.”

I turn around:  “So there you are!” We exchange pleasantries, talk about the goings on in our lives, summaries of our plans for the future.

[4.59pm] We hug, kiss, and part with promises to meet again Friday afternoon.

I’m intrigued.


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