lost and safe

Now I Am Connected.

My stars must be in alignment. My cosmic karmic potentiality must have been finally transmuted from bad to good. Something, somewhere must feel like being very generous to me. Even though a couple of possible roommates have not worked out, my host has been more than gracious in her accomodations for me. Transitioning back into my job as a barista has been going with nary a wrinkle in sight.

What I’m very grateful for

though is have a laptop computer to call my own, finally. While I’m not quite completely “moved in” yet, it already feels like home. This new old device is going to need some work to get it in tip top shape, but she’s held up remarkably well considering her age (she is only four years old, but that’s about 30 or so human years). I shouldn’t be too surprised though, given that the computer is made by Apple. I’m not about to suck Apple’s dick here, but I would be remiss to not acknowledge what a well thought out, lasting, and simply good product they put together.

No matter who may make it however, having a computer that I can be mobile with definitely helps me to accomplish my tasks and goals. So here’s to you, Apple, and kudos.

May fate smile kindly upon you in these uncertain times.


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