lost and safe

Unkown Energies From Space.

Exponential increases in local synchronicities. Psychic energy is fusing with the Internet. The noosphere and the magnetosphere are meshing, creating feedback loops which enhances our Earthsense.  Ability to observe the [phenomena] in own settings/regular habitat. Observable behavior changes in self and others around self. Something unknown is doing we don’t know what. That is what our knowledge amounts to.

‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi is communicating with me through the Internet. He has told me the same thing three times now, which I find to be significant. I think it is time for me to listen to more than just myself. I think it is time for me to practice the secret art of letting go. The internet has been speaking to me on a number of subjects lately: time travel, infinite feedback loops, energy modulation and focusing techniques, evolution of the spirit, predictions of the future. I am ready to surrender to the Natural Action that guides Life As We Know It.

What is it that you are saying?

I am listening. I am ready.

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