lost and safe

[Ritual] Action Potentiality Initiation

Rite of Passage

Any ritual or ceremony wherein a participant crosses a threshold demarcating a transformation of their state of being.

A new set of potentialities were initiated yesterday afternoon.  I finally made a formal announcement [before a committee of three men] of my intent to leave the congregation, and disassociate myself with the Church of Jehovah’s Witnesses.  From childhood, I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness.  At 11 years I chose to be baptized, and since age 14 have come to regret the decision.  As I said when I began writing to myself, I am done with that previous act.  The setting and cast have changed yet again, and it’s time for me to play a new part.  The rite and ritual, I’ve come to realize, are very important.  These rituals [the gathering together for prayer, the singing of songs, group Bible studies] serve to remind you of the amazing power of these beliefs to affect and govern your intent and actions.  So now, I align my intent and action with my belief.


The process through which seemingly dissimilar phenomena are integrated into a coherent whole.



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