lost and safe

2009 A.D./Jǐchǒu 4706

Come together, right now, over me.

Found myself traveling down Abbey Road more than once today. John and Paul are asking me, pleading with me to Come Together. It can be no mistake that their message found its way to my ears in three separate instances today. This comes as no surprise given the environment and people I have been immersed in during past few months. I have broadcast my desires to help heal the communities I inhabit – specifically the Old Fourth Ward, and on a larger scale, the city of Atlanta. Now, the ideas and concepts that were once floating languidly in the noosphere are being actualized. Right thought, right intent, and right action are all working in concert to manifest a new and sustainable reality. My electrons dance in anticipation of the dawning of a new and magical year.

Make manifest your desires, fears, hopes, dreams to the Universe, and the Way will be revealed to you. As you walk the Path, it will unfold beneath your feet.

I have come to believe firmly in the powers of manifestation through constant communication with All That Is/Not. As I mentioned above, I have expressed my wish to become a provider of positive healing energy for a fractured community through urban agriculture. Now, in less than three days I will be moving into a beautiful house [in one of the most historically rich neighborhoods in Atlanta] where I will have a chance to cultivate a food-producing garden. Eventually, I will utilize what knowledge I gain in this experimental process in varying areas throughout the city, and on a slightly larger scale [in terms of both the amount of resources available to me, and the number of people/lives I affect].

I have made a concerted effort to exist as a being of unconditional love and compassion [to say this is difficult is a vast understatement; now I know why Jesus is the greatest man who ever lived]. I am now surrounded by those who give unconditionally as well – from their minds, from their hearts, from their souls, from their possessions.

The Universe is kind and loving, it is cold and hard, it is everywhere, and everything is simultaneously all fucked up and wonderful.  I have only two resolutions this year (which is up by exactly two, from zero last year): the first is to read fifty books by the end of the year.  The second, I suspect will end up being a life long endeavor: I will practice letting go, moving past the concept of “having control” over my life, releasing myself to the Natural Processes that
rule and unite everything.

Allah, Jehovah, Yhwh, I sing your praises and may my footsteps find The Way.

Happy 2009!

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