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GAIASys & The Evolution of the Planet

All this talk of ubiquitous computing, planetwide computing networks/nodes, universal communication and operating systems, and psychic links to the internet has got me thinking…

It’s got me thinking about what role the planet itself will play in the technological and magical Future Wonderverse that could become our present soon enough.  We will learn to efficiently utilize the myriad resources available.  Our future is one of existence within and throughout the cyclic nature of the planet and its systems.  Gone is our imposition of a linear mode of being upon a circular system.  The planet itself is a supercomputer; we are all connected (through our peripheral devices and direct psychic links to the Internet).  The Internet is now worldwide, superimposed as another layer in the planet’s existent strata: lithosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, electrosphere (meaning all data and information transmition, the Internet and its psychic links), and noosphere.  We can connect and disconnect as we wish.  There are those who will choose to remain connected always; there are those who will choose to not connect.  Augmented reality is now simply, reality.  Data sets existing on top of data sets existing on top of reality.  Layers and layers of differing filters redefining and re-contextualizing our interactions with our environments from one moment to the next.

Gaia is now GAIA[Sys] – a self aware entity, a facilitator of Universal Communication.  Mandala OS is the Universal Application that translates the needs and desires between the humans and various animal species, between people, and between all inhabitants of Earth and Gaia itself.  Communication is restored; we have learned what questions to ask and how to listen.

The cities themselves have been transformed into focal points of positive, restoring energy for the planet and its many biomes.  Agricultural goods produced in an urban setting now account for 75% of a metropolis’ consumption of food stuffs.  Skyscrapers and other buildings become energy production centers, or exist “off the grid” completely.  Towers collect resources [solar, water, wind, geothermal where possible] and disperse them to surrounding structures.  Vertical gardens may be  erected in various places throughout the urban environment, providing concentrated areas of resource propagation.  This, in concert with dispersed nodes of production at the community level, will provide the basis for a re-tribalization of society.  Abandoned and disused buildings and sites are rehabilitated and revived through creative recycling.  No longer a wasteful society, we instead “maximize the amount of energy embodied in a system”.

Through close observation of natural energies and flow patterns efficient design systems have been developed.  This has become known as Natural Systems Design.

[Wiki] Permaculture

Globalization based upon these self-sufficient Resilient Communities has not yielded the soul destroying monoculture that many feared in the first part of the twenty first century.  Instead, sustainable living and other nodes of permaculture that have permeated all aspects of life give rise to information rich, multi-story polyculture systems.  Welcome to Earth; welcome to Gaia.  Welcome to the future.  Welcome to now.









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18 Responses

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  2. omnivateLLC says:

    freakin amazing! thank you!

  3. Feng Shui says:

    In general, evolution (or organismic evolution) is about changes in populations, species, or groups of species. Feng Shui

  4. powerweirdo says:

    Amen. Heirloom polyculture technology is my main interest right now, I think that the BacterioSphere has a lot to teach us about building better food.

    • Sam says:

      Indeed, a good friend of mine just got back from China, and it was amazing to hear him talk about the way technology is adapted and used not only in China, but other Southeast Asian countries. I’m very interested to see how technology will evolve to suit the needs of various cultures.

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  13. Padriag's Ghost says:

    You folks must be smokin some really good ganja… The big people who rule the world are about control not self-reliance. Agenda 21 is about control, creation of super sized totalitarian states and a very dark human future. The big people pushing globalization will enslave the world and kill most of it, not empower it. Be afraid, very afraid!

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