lost and safe

Double Rainbow

Access to the noosphere has been unrestricted and increasingly prevalent. This phenomena can be observed in my artwork, which seems to be very much along the wavelength (visually, at least) of what Jen Stark and UnitedVisualArtists are doing.





Light. Sound. Color. Coalescing swirls of colors embrace me as sound emanates from my core. I don’t float. Instead, my mindbody are lifted by gentle hands as music cascades down and around me, and double rainbows playfully dance on the insides of my eyelids. The Mandala opens and receives me; I fall into a trance and words matching those being uttered by the shamans flow from my mouth. Lights. Sounds. Colors. Whether you are seeing Animal Collective in Atlanta or The Chemical Brothers in Manchester, the power of these three elements to induce states of euphoria, agitation, or trances should be appreciated. In many ways, those able to affect such profound changes in our mental/physical states are much like shamans: they are guides into inner worlds that are seldom seen or explored by many. Their tools are nothing more than [technologically] expanded forms of the fire, drums, and chanting used by our ancestors and modern day tribes. Although the intent may not be the same, the effects remain unchanged. Thousands of years of evolution have not diminished our need to connect to The Source of All Things. The UnitedVisualArtists have shown us the door, and are ready and willing to be our guides.

[Jen Stark]




Hello Color!

The colors are speaking to me, so I speak back. They ask me to come closer, to observe their shapes and forms. They invite me to touch, to explore, to experience. They tell me to be happy, to be innocent, to be free. As they explode from the ground, drip from the walls, and disappear into infinity, I am excited intrigued enchanted. For now, I am a child.


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