lost and safe

UCLF [United Computer Liberation Front]

The Desktop has been liberated.  I’ve allowed the computer to roam freely through my image archives; scanning its innards and presenting a new offering every day.

I began seeding my image folder with an assortment of found and collected pictures. I wouldn’t be surprised if certain trends and themes (regarding what images are chosen to be displayed) began to develop after long.  I wonder if it will begin to suggest images to me as I develop the psychic link between the computer and myself.

Regardless, it’s still nice.  It’s refreshing.  It’s letting go, even in a seemingly simple manner.  Why was I so comfortable staring at the same drop of water about to fall off the same green leaf for so long?

January 6, 2009



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  1. omnivateLLC says:

    Universal Free Realms!

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