lost and safe

Karma Avoiding Mantra

cleansing the spirit transciever

February, March and April have become a sacred time in my life.  They represent the last month of purity, my trial and tribulation with cancer, and the reflection and recovery that followed. The treatments I received  consisted of infusions of chemicals that , while destroying harmful cancer cells, also killed healthy cells and ravaged my digestive tract.  February has been a good month for fasting and cleansing.  It being the shortest month is helpful for someone like myself who hasn’t done much fasting.  It’s proximity to the Spring Equinox makes ideal for spiritual reasons, as well.  Since I ceased to ingest solid food between sunrise and sunset, I’ve noticed numerous significant changes in both my physical and spiritual modes of existence.  Overall, my mood is has improved (though I am generally an optimistic, ‘easy-going’ soul), as have my sleep patterns.  I have successfully aligned my cycles with Gaia’s.  I require less sleep (5 to 6 hours on average, compared to 8 to 9 before I changed my habits), and wake fairly easily on or near sunrise.

So I will end this month with a ritual cleansing of my new home; purging the space of any malicious spirits, and infusing it with good intention while inviting benevolent and creative spirits in.  As I move into March, I will begin a fairly intense physical training regimen, consisting mostly of cycling and boxing.  Not only will I increase how fully I inhabit and am aware of my physical body, but the mental focus and acuity that comes with such training will benefit me greatly.  I will be better able to focus my positive energies on the possibilities that were sown during the winter.


2009 is all about #whatworks.  Gardening, urban agriculture, Resilient Communities, urban remediation, hopetech, ubiquitous technology/computing, techxfer, sowing possibilities, letting go, aligning Right Intent and Right Action.





listening to: Mandala: Ascent – Buddhist Chants

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