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Offering the Mandala to Compassion / Tuning the Spirit Receptor

Cleansing the dumb terminal and the akashic field access point. Emanation and reception of Universal Frequencies is beginning to occur more frequently. The Creative Spirit and I communicate more often. As access to various creative reference points increases, so too does the scope of the transmission. My soul is overflowing with creative energies, and at the moment, the only bit of relief comes in the form of visual expression. One roommate has recently acquired an electric organ (a Yamaha Electone). At first, I couldn’t fathom the reason[s] why she would even consider buying the object (as if she needed any), seeing as she had no experience playing such an instrument. Upon sitting down and playing, however, I understood why. Playing just the right note[s] causes the material flesh and the subtle body to resonate in unison.

Portions of the Vedantic literature elucidate the use of sound as a spiritual tool. They assert that the entire cosmic creation began with sound: ‘By His utterance came the universe.’ (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad1.2.4). The Vedanta-sutras add that ultimate liberation comes from sound as well (anavrittih shabdat).

Primal sound is referred to as Shabda Brahman – ‘God as word’. Closely related to this is the concept of Nada Brahman – ‘God as sound’. Nada, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘sound, noise‘, is related to the term nadī, ‘river‘, figuratively denoting the stream of consciousness – a concept that goes back to the Rig Veda, the most ancient of the Vedas. Thus, the relationship between sound and consciousness has long been recorded in India’s ancient literature. Vedic texts, in fact, describe sound as the pre-eminent means for attaining higher, spiritual consciousness.

Mantras, or sacred sounds, are used to pierce through sensual, mental and intellectual levels of existence (all lower strata of consciousness) for the purpose of purification and spiritual enlightenment. ‘By sound vibration one becomes liberated’ (Vedanta-sutra 4.22).”

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3 Responses

  1. Ian says:

    Hey, that’s my Buddha picture!

    Glad you like it. 🙂

  2. ian says:

    Well you’re entirely welcome then.

    My own photography not withstanding, the images you post make it worth following, to say nothing of the content. Great stuff.

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