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Sow Possiblities

Moving back into an urban environment has finally caught up with me.  Living in the suburbs, life moved by at much more relaxed pace, allowing me to prepare my mind and brace my soul for a heavy shift in paradigms and priorities.  So far, I feel like I’ve handled myself amidst a whirlwind of change fairly well.  Many of the seeds that I have sown are now beginning to show signs of life, and require extra care, attention, and positive energy.  Though no fruit has been brought to bear yet, I am optimistic that my labor will not be in vain.

The amount of research I’m doing on the two or three long-term projects I’ve got running is keeping me from writing here often, much less getting online at all.  I’m still working on the “Old Fourth Ward Renaissance Project”, which has become a sort of ‘catch-all’ title for several projects that branch into areas such as urban remediation, urban agriculture, cultural restoration and preservation, building Resilient Communities, trade zones/TAZ (temporary autonomous zones), and public art commissions.  Also been doing a good bit of research on ham radio and Internet radio broadcasts.  My focus has been more so on the latter, as a friend and I are planning the revival of the nation’s first black-owned radio station, WERD 860 KC.

Though my day job does keep me busy for at least six hours out of the day, I view it as a conduit that helps me to channel my energy in the right directions.  The theme is gaining momentum, building, expanding; #whatworks works because it works (sorry) for you, me, and everyone else.




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  1. […] is cheap enough web radio then, coming back to my original point, becomes the equivalent of what low-power FM/AM stations once were before they were corrupted by corporate interests. Ubiquitous computing, ambient intelligence means the electro-magnetic spectrum is re-apportioned […]

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