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Monument City: Atlanta [Old Fourth Ward]

I am reminded of a conversation I had with a friend last week, during a bike ride to the farmer’s market. The idea resides on a similar wavelength: public access to a shared knowledge/experience database.

The basic concept evolved out of the catalog that I have been compiling of historically or architecturally significant buildings in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward. Then I tossed in the idea of unfettered access to a Universal NetGrid, a mesh of Internet nodes and networks forming a new RealityLayer. My friend then mentions that the historic buildings and monuments themselves could be access points to the Universal NetGrid. Access would would be granted when the user composed a haiku relating to the site. Upon gaining admittance to the network via the selected node, you would be immediately directed to the equivalent of a ‘homepage’ for the landmark. The ‘homepage’ for the site would not only contain the expected historical data and ephemera relating to the landmark itself, but also the saved haikus of previous visitors. Ethereal poetry. Physical markers are renewed and recharged with new spiritual intent and meaning. I’m excited to see how this meshes with the ‘Old Fourth Ward Renaissance Project’. I could very easily see this being Atlanta’s Monument City project.





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