lost and safe

Planned Obsolesence Be Damned!

Nearly every wonder of microchip wizardry and silicon magic that is in my possession is undergoing some form of disintegration, slowly unraveling itself from existence. The cellular phone that shuts off at will, without at least checking that I had finished my phone call. The first generation iPod Nano that will only play music out of the right side of whatever headphones or speakers you connect it to. The seven year-old Powerbook whose screen finally liberated itself from the chassis, after months of patient struggle.






I wonder what type of ritual would be most appropriate for the transfer of digital spirits between the old and new machines and the cleansing of digital ghosts and artifacts. I will make no presuppositions regarding my ability to completely remove all traces of my use of this machine. In fact, I fully intend to leave behind more than a few ‘markers’. It is my goal to leave behind a digital datawake, to intake and disseminate knowledge and data as it comes to me.

I’m holding the screen with my left hand while typing with the right. Terribly inefficient.

Time to get with the times, I guess.


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