lost and safe

Behind the Green Door

I am a blessed person.

The previous evening (which also happened to be the 24th anniversary of my birth) was spent in the warm company of good people and dear friends. I’m not going to recount the entire evening in detail, so I’ll hit the highlights: coffee, a spirited bike ride during sunset, dinner, and yet another brisk ride around and through the city. Dinner was most certainly the highpoint of the day, and the year [thus far]. Again, I’ll not overload you with detail, but a delicious meal (which was begun with what I can easily say is the best salad I’ve tasted in my entire life) and an atmosphere bathed in the warmth of love turned a rather subdued day into one that was quite special and memorable. Although I received only one gift (those of a spiritual nature are too great to be numbered), it ended up being exactly what I needed to assist me in fulfilling my desires as a creative entity: a digital camera. Equipped with such powerful tools as I am, a prediction of the acceleration of many projects wouldn’t be very far off the mark.

I feel as though I am continually graced by wonderfully alive and animated characters whose worlds intersect my own in such mysterious and wonderful ways. It has gotten to the point where I feel that if I simply concentrate hard enough, and think uplifting and happy thoughts, they will appear next to me in a poof of colorful dust and glitter, laughter, clapping, and all manner of joyous noises.

Brought to you by the Sounds & Colors of Beautiful™.







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  1. Sam says:

    In other news, Marilyn Chambers was found dead in her home last night.

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