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Combined Gravity Field Model EIGEN-CG01C


This highly accurate new gravity field model and global geoid model, respectively, will allow geodesists and cartographers to precisely link the various height datums around the globe together, will allow Space geodesists and satellite operators to determine orbits of near Earth satellites and to navigate satellites with much higher accuracy and will allow solid Earth scientists to much more accurately infer the Earth’s internal structure and at finer resolution than was ever before possible from Space. Ocean scientists can combine this gravity model with ocean height measurements from satellite altimeters to study global ocean circulation on a finer scale than has been previously possible.

This will, in turn, enable a better understanding of the processes that drive the Earth’s dynamic system (solid Earth, ocean and atmosphere), thus leading to better analysis and predictions of climate change & natural hazards (e.g., Earthquakes).


I wonder how tools and information such as this will influence the creation of a Universal Operating System™.  More accurate and detailed models of the planet and its systems can only lead to a more comprehensive version of GAIASys™…right?

What does accuracy matter when dealing with unquantifiable information such as the physical and spiritual health of Gaia and her inhabitants?  I’m sure the folks in white lab coats (meaning scientists, whom I rarely ever spot wearing such a getup) will attempt to convert the energy signals of living entities to data to be analyzed and scrutinized.  I ask you, however, what good is it place such emphasis on information that has been injected with false meaning?  What good are numbers and equations which have been designed to give the answers one seeks?  I feel that we are  simply misleading ourselves and designing answers to questions that reach much deeper than numbers, equations, charts and data fields will show.  By relying so heavily on the ’empirical evidence’ offered up by ‘facts’ and ‘data’, we blind and deafen ourselves to the most trustworthy sources of information: the spirit/soul transceivers that operate on the same plane as the subtle body.  I say that this source – the ingrained psychic links to Gaia and all other entities (be they organic or inorganic) that we have learned to ignore – are trustworthy simply because once focused, we will open ourselves to a Universe that is just as real and beautiful as what our eyes perceive.

Believing is more than seeing.

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    • Thanks for that! I clicked the hyperlink, expecting something completely different than what greeted me when the page finally loaded, and I began reading.

      My curiosity about this town and its people have set my mind wondering in many different directions. One such: I’d really like to explore how they organize themselves, resource propagation (food, textiles, raw materials), and currency or any medium of exchange/barter.

    • What an interesting application to a problem I had not even considered.

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