lost and safe

The Eunich, the Beast, & the Glass-Eyed Child

It would seem that I’ve finally fallen in lock-step rhythm with the pulsing signals emanating from the Universal Constant.  I’m learning to let go, allowing myself to “become like water” and flow around any obstacles in my way; changing adapting moving flowing.  A graceful strength.  A quiet power.  Humility.

My “life” is now firmly in the grasp of a power far exceeding my own.  Though, more truthfully, it always has been.  The only difference now being that I can recognize this fact and adjust my thought/intent/action accordingly.  So far, the year has borne many strange surprises, many turning out to be positive (though the negative has brought valuable insight as well).  As I hone my focus, certain projects, and sometimes obstacles, have arisen to challenge my ability to see a task through to the end, or that have utilized my skills in some positive and fruitful manner.

Currently, I am preparing to exhibit a new body of work in May.  I was invited by a good friend, who is graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design, to display work at her gallery event, along with several members of her graduating class.  Most of my energy has been devoted to finishing at least three solid works that I can justify hanging on a wall other than my own.  I am still working on the Old Fourth Ward Renaissance Project, but focus has diminished as the gallery date draws closer.

50 books in a year…

Not quite.  My ambitious goal fell slightly by the wayside in the face of an unexpected (yet welcome) increase in my level of activity.  I have been enjoying some enlightening material, albeit at a more relaxed pace, allowing myself to truly immerse myself in and enjoy each piece of literature.

…I will discuss the following areas: the dynamics of present-day societal processes of metropolitan and  regional development, the role of the state in constructing and sustaining spread city growth, the role of ideology and semantic fields in obfuscating and masking the real processes at work in restructuring settlement space, and the patterns of social organization responsible for the production of space in modern society.

The book that this excerpt was taken from, The Social Production of Urban Space, was lent to me, seemingly, at just the right time.  Especially considering my recent exploits into the built environment, the “polis”, the amalgamation of our wills and energies made manifest in totems and monoliths of steel, concrete, and glass.

Just read:

  • Coming Back: The Science of Reincarnation
  • blink: The Art of Thinking Without Thinking
  • Silver Surfer Requiem
  • Sin City #5: Family Values

Currently Reading:

  • The Social Production of Urban Space
  • The Eunich, the Beast, & the Glass-Eyed Child
  • Sin City #6: Blues, Booze, & Broads


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