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‘Showtime In The Old Fourth Ward’

After a slight hiccup, plans set in motion for my first art exhibition in years are progressing quite smoothly.  Things are going so well, in fact, that I could very well end up with the entire first floor of an unoccupied commercial space to myself (the one day event is scheduled to take place on the second floor of the building).  If that manages to work itself out, most of the drawings and paintings that I’ve been spending the majority of this month creating will not end up in the show.

Having the opportunity to utilize so much space so freely requires me to completely change how I approach the situation.  All of my preconceptions of what I am able to create, how effectively I can communicate my ideas concepts visions to those whom I have invited into my world, all of these things have to go out the window.  They are all now useless junk, taking needed mental energy away from the processes that require the most, in order to grow and evolve.

I am okay with this though.  I gladly welcome a substantial challenge.  Now is not the time for fear.

Not much can be said about the extraordinary visions of light color and form that occupy my plans for the space, mostly because they haven’t yet coalesced into anything solid or recognizable.  There are a few brightly burning ideas spinning in my head that are gaining mass, though.  I’m pretty keen on suspending flourescent lights in a multitude of colors from the ceiling, along with colored threads, and possibly two featured drawings.  Like I said, doesn’t really sound like much, but it sparkles brightly in my third eye.








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  1. wheelgambler says:

    Your neon blue exibit allowed me the sensation of floating in a warm tranquil sea, yet the wooden decking beneath gave the illusion up, only a little.

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