lost and safe

Not all who wander are lost…

Saturday has come and gone, but the magic still remains.  The glowsticks extinguished, the people back to doing whatever they do whenever they aren’t joined together in celebration of creation.

In many ways, my experiment proved to be more fruitful than expected, and in some ways, not quite as fully realized.  I’m still working through what has transpired over the past three weeks, and in many ways a full synopsis of the past few days will require nearly as much effort and creative inspiration as the actual project itself.

Suffice to say, I’m very happy to be able to draw and paint freely, without the constraints of time or themed elements.  I’ll also be using a lot of this time to get acquainted with my new laptop (which is an amazing piece of engineering and creative thought) and the myriad tools at my disposal.  I’ve got another book to read that seems very interesting so far (Small Pieces Loosely Joined), and falls right into line with the subject of my recent installation: the Internet. Spending so much time with such a direct focus has helped me realize just how much I love being able to draw and paint and photograph and sculpt simply because I want to and can.

I find myself wanting to create more and more, and in a multitude of different ways.  Less do I feel the need to be bogged down by a full-time job.  Managing finances properly is going to be essential if I wish to spend less time working for someone else, and more time working for myself.


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