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I’ve been tweeting a lot lately.

A lot more than I’ve been blogging.

Though no where near as much as I’ve been torrenting.

It is altogether strange and fascinating how the Internet has augmented not only our ‘real spaces’, but also our languages.  It’s also funny to think about what those first three sentences might mean to someone who has had no exposure to the Internet.  Idle ramblings aside, I’ve found myself gravitating towards Twitter.  I find that it better suits my tendency towards short bursts of profundity, stupidity, hilarity, or any other kind of -ty.

After noticing a substantial increase in traffic (thanks in large part to these two posts), I had considered attempting to generate a small source of revenue via ads.  However, given the limitations imposed being hosted on a WordPress.com domain, I suppose those plans will have to wait until I manage to acquire a domain and hosting.

As it stands, I’ll be using this platform mainly as a repository for ideas and essays, and as a node of the dissemination of inspiring and positive information.


posneg @twitter


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2 Responses

  1. Hey are you gonna be around in NYC the next few days? I’m coming up tomorrow until Sunday or Monday. Shoot me an email if you feel like getting together with contact details. Cheers

    • I won’t, unfortunately. My travel arrangements won’t take off until this fall.

      If, however, you find your way down south, say to Atlanta, you’ve got a friend and a warm home.

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