lost and safe

There is nothing wrong with learning from hindsight.

I’ve been making use of time-traveling technology to gather information I can use to nudge the future in a direction that is in greater harmony with the path I seek to walk.  It is not secret technology; no one entity has a stranglehold on the technology, for it goes far beyond the domain of “intellectual property rights” and saleable ideas.

This “technology” I refer to, is really a very simple concept – one that I’m sure nearly every person on earth has used at some point, without even realizing it.  The Akan people of Ghana know it as “sankofa” [to go back and take].

The aphorism rendered completely reads:Se wo were fi na wosan kofa a, yenkyi.”

Or: It is no taboo to return and fetch it when you forget.  You can always undo your mistakes.”

Flickering almost at random between various states of elation depression hatred sadness boredom inspiration self-loathing pure joy ecstacy.  The fact that I’m living a life with no real direction had been slowly making itself very apparent over the past month. In trying to move in too many directions at once, I end up going no where.

Today that click came.

The word SANKOFA is derived from the words SAN (return), KO (go), FA (look, seek and take). This symbolizes the Akan’s quest for knowledge with the implication that the quest is based on critical examination, and intelligent and patient investigation.

The symbol is based on a mythical bird that flies forwards with its head turned backwards. This reflects the Akan belief that the past serves as a guide for planning the future, or the wisdom in learning from the past in building the future.

The Akan believe that there must be movement with times but as the forward march proceeds, the gems must be picked from behind and carried forward on the march.

In the Akan military system, this symbol signified the rearguard, the section on which the survival of the society and the defense of its heritage depended.

Revisiting past events that have shaped my life and how I experiparticipate in it.  Researching my lineage through various methods, most taking the form of some sort of Internet facilitated search, some by oral means, from uncles, aunts, grandmother.

Looking for those gems I left behind, lacking in appreciation of what gifts were in my possesion.

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