lost and safe


Finally managed to snag a dream before it slipped away into dimmer reaches of my mind.  I’ve really got to make a dreamcatcher. In the dream, I have just arrived at a friend’s house just across the bay from San Francisco.  It feels like I’ve been riding in a car for a good while, though I’m not sure from where I came.  I get out of the car; a woman – red hair, fair skin, blue eyes – exits from the front passenger door. The woman (whom I later find out is my companion, at least in travels), is my height (5’10) and slender.  She moves so smoothly – lithe as a cat stalking unsuspecting prey – she appears to glide to the back entrance of the building.  A man, who I can’t quite see clearly, exits the driver’s side.

It is morning.  Outside everything is grey.  A persistent fog fog envolopes everything, permeates all cracks and spaces, and oddly enough, solid objects like trees and cars and people.  Since the house sits on a plot of land quite close to the Golden Gate bridge, my female companion and I decide to walk into the city proper.  We are at the bridge.  I don’t remember the walk, or the sensation of movement of any sort.  I do remember thinking, bridge, and being at the spot where the lofted road meets the dirt of the earth.  I look out, over the bay, at the bridge towers.  I strain to clearly make out San Francisco’s attractive skyline, but nothing will focus.  All I see are vague shapes and blurry colors.  As we step onto the bridge, the sudden realization hits that I’ve forgotten my camera at my ‘friends’ home.

Just as before, nearly at the same moment I think going back to the house to retrieve my camera, I’m at the back door, along with my fellow traveller.  I hadn’t considered it until this very second, but throughout the entire dream, not a single word is spoken.  I enter with the intent of finding the camera and leaving.  Instead, a fairly intense sexual energy develops between my partner and I, and we decide to act on our urges.  I don’t remember what happens after our ‘love-making’ ends, but I do remember that it was one of the longest, most detailed and realistic dream involving sex I’ve had in recent memory.

I’m still not sure what any of the symbols that appeared mean, partly due to the fact that there were so many, but mostly because I’ve been working most of the day, with nary a second to stop and consider.  It was an effort keeping it from falling out my brain this long; it wanted so badly to escape into this world, in some form or another.

The hazy nature of the dream, the woman, the sexual tension followed by its release, my inability to cross the bridge to a new environment – all are burtsing with meanings and connections to the waking life I live.

A new Gmail chat message from an old friend I haven’t seen or spoken to in quite some time:

“had a dream about youhow are you doing?”
Some meditation on the subject should reveal new insights…

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