lost and safe

Hey Light!

It is time for me to re-establish contact with the spirit world again.  Working with someone whose primary motivator is monetary profit, physical gain, has left me bereft of the vital energies of the spirit.  Arriving home from a long day spent at “work”, I haven’t the strength to open and maintain the connection, the Creation Gate, as I call it.  The reserves are dwindling and I’m left with next to nothing to show for all of the energy expended.

Light is everywhere in my life right now, flooding my mind and my vision.  From working on a farm – which utilizes light, primarily – to aid in the growth process of the plants being cultivated, to photography and painting with pastels, to my new name: Mahsamatman.

But what I’m realizing is that my name is more than just a name.  It is an identity, a new persona for me to wear, a new part to play.  I am the Lord of Light, the Great-Souled Sam.  I bring light, knowledge and color to everyone to employ as they wish, so that they too may be lifted.

In so doing, I too become lighter.  If I release you from the shackles binding you to this material world, we can fly together into boundless space and time.

Let’s go!









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