lost and safe

Carry the Zero.

On this day in 1985, a child was born at 8:15pm in Cleveland, Ohio, in the American Midwest, on a rocky and watery third planet from the Sun in the Sol Planetary System.  The parents of this small, wet, and ‘new’ individual gave him the name Samuel Quinton Green.

Twenty-five years and two cities later, I sit on my bed – Built To Spill playing in the background – typing this message.  So many memories, so many stories told and created.  It’s funny to think back to when I first moved to downtown Atlanta.  I crashed on friends couches until I got my own place: a shabby one-room apartment in Midtown.  My god, so many memories.  If I could make them into a map it would look like an arm of the galaxy in the night sky.  Millions upon millions of little dots of light, each one a jewel, a memory, an experience, a person, a thought, a feeling, a sensation.  My entire existence – a collected bunch of experiences and sensations and actions and causes and effects.

Here I am.  Me.  This thing called ‘Me’.

Year 25.  I’m ready.


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