lost and safe

On Dreams

I woke up this morning dreaming of you.

It felt so real and so familiar.  Our lips, brushing with the light caress of such tender, deep love.  In that moment, only you and I: kissing each other, loving each other.  The playground, the children, the city – engulfed in a white haze.  Lightly, oh so delicately, you touch me.

I knew you were leaving. The thought of you gone made my heart ache with so much joy. I knew you would be happier out there, even if you were miserable for a little while. I knew it would all be worth it once you made it. But goddamn if you didn’t have to go.

I knew you were leaving. The thought of you gone made me numb and dizzy. It made me want to sit in my room and cry and listen to our favourite songs over and over and over again. In the golden-pink sunset of each day, the trees took your shape, and I would smile and cry a little more.

I can’t tell the difference between being in love with you, and being in love with the memory of you anymore. I want to kiss you again, the way I did in the dream – the way I did when you left. If I can have that one kiss, then it won’t matter.

It doesn’t matter, so don’t ask.

I love you.

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