lost and safe

constant tiny adjustments

Clutter comes in many forms — physical, mental, emotional, etc. — and all of it is unproductive and distracting. Take a few moments to review your ideal self. Decide if the vision of who you want to be is really who you want to be. If it is, do everything in your power to clear the clutter and get as close to that ideal as possible. If it isn’t, let go of those misperceptions and their associated clutter. Make room for an ideal self you actually desire and have the motivation to pursue.

Sage words to live by.  During the course of the past three years I’ve been earnestly trying to bring my actual self closer to my ideal self.  A large part of the frustration I’ve suffered in so doing can easily be traced back to unrealistic expectations of any form.  Regular self evaluation and the willingness to make adjustments where neccessary will ultimately, I feel, bring me closer to that ideal.

uncluttterer via minimal mac


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