lost and safe

the next twelve

This year I’m going to…

Go back to Los Angeles.

Go to New York City.

Go back to school to finish my Bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

Pay as $[???] of my hospital debt, and repair my credit.

Stay out of debt.

Save money.

Buy a new bike, and ride ride ride.

Buy a car.

Buy a faster computer with more storage space.

Sell/give away my old computer.

Study yoga.

Increase my flexibility, strength, and stamina.

Learn to plan effectively.

Execute my plans.

Utilize my resources more efficiently.

Expand upon my talents by building a solid foundation – acquiring skills.

Learn Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

Learn PHP.

Design and sell apps for Android-based mobile devices.

Build and publish my design portfolio.

Build and publish my photography portfolio.

Push my creative limits and understanding of photography.

Make a short film.

Have another gallery show with Friday.

Create and inspire creativity in others.


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