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Time Travel


  • Subtle, but key diff b/n them and Siri. Can you imagine having to redefine context with each sentence in a convo with a human? 2 weeks ago
  • Loving the natural language of Google's Assistant. It remembers the context of the conversation, which is you know, what people actually do. 2 weeks ago
  • RT @sdw: Daydream View. It’s yoga pants, for your face. https://t.co/AvmmTHL1oR 2 weeks ago
  • Funny how post-iPhone everyone is "obsessed with design", even though it mostly amounts to a thin veneer of extra aesthetic consideration. 2 weeks ago
  • Watching the @google Pixel event. Kinda hard to see what's happening w/ all the shade they're throwing at @Apple. #GooglePixel #GoogleEvent 2 weeks ago