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The Luminous Rebel

First, I am a man who is consistently inconsistent. It will not be possible to make a dogma out of my words; anybody trying to make a dogma or creed out of my words will go nuts! …It is impossible with me: I live in the moment and whatsoever I am saying right now is true only for this moment.  I am destroying your ideologies, creeds, cults, dogmas and I am not replacing them with anything else. My process is of pure de-conditioning. I am not trying to recondition you. I leave you open.

Osho: The Luminous Rebel

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Time Travel


  • yes, i love it when you ask me about my life experiences, and then proceed to argue my answer. please, keep doing that. 6 days ago
  • Besides, "...no [...] work created in an isolated silo for a pitch will give them a realistic representation of working with your company." 1 week ago
  • Designers: Stop giving away your work for free: fastcodesign.com/3061973/design… by @paulillustrator via @FastCoDesign 1 week ago
  • RT @GetWrite: Nowhere. So we're going to stay here because our ancestors built this country. It's mine and ours by blood 3 weeks ago
  • RT @GetWrite: I've flirted with the idea of being an expatriate but where in this world can my family go that doesn't hate Black people? 3 weeks ago



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